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Server Changes

Post by Shartnado »

We had over 400 maps on the server, and about 100 or so were either broken (causing server to crash) or just lame (like mp_lost). I have junked all map packs on the server and recreated the maps we use and (most of us like) into new map packs. You will be downloading new map packs: F1 to F21, TFC, 1, and 4.

All map packs are available on the fast redirect and can also be downloaded here:

We have screenshots of all of these maps that can be viewed here:

Here is the listing by map pack of all current maps we have:

F1 mp_bandit
F1 mp_chelm
F1 mp_eraplace_reloaded
F1 mp_fragcastle
F1 btw_guadaira
F1 mp_german_base
F1 mp_gunslingers
F1 mp_houn
F1 mp_port
F1 mp_rouen
F1 mp_tobruk

F2 mp_anema
F2 mp_alger
F2 mp_war_final
F2 mp_borisovka
F2 mp_belltown
F2 mp_bizerte
F2 mp_blutstadt

F3 mp_boneville
F3 mp_buhlert
F3 mp_bayeux
F3 mp_berlin1
F3 mp_bluesv2
F3 mp_bardia
F3 mp_bridge
F3 mp_bzt
F3 mtl_bismarck

F4 mp_burgundy_b_ctf
F4 mp_bighouse
F4 mp_bazaar
F4 mp_border
F4 mp_breach
F4 mp_brothersvill
F4 mp_carentan_ville
F4 mp_coldfront_2

F5 mp_cassino
F5 mp_castle_assault
F5 mp_coastal_guns
F5 mp_cus
F5 mp_xfirea
F5 mp_xfireb
F5 mp_xfirec
F5 mp_Chateau_le_Castel
F5 mp_Culemborg
F5 mp_47th_caged_oasis
F5 mp_cunisia
F5 mp_castlesiegefin

F6 mp_chateauday
F6 mp_ol_castle
F6 mp_courtyard
F6 mp_cvact2
F6 mp_codcastle2
F6 mp_sziklas
F6 mp_depot
F6 mp_desertville
F6 mtl_deadmansland
F6 mp_destroyed_village

F7 mp_drachenfels
F7 mp_delta_mission
F7 mp_devilaim
F7 mp_bathroom
F7 mp_dome
F7 mp_decoy_day
F7 mp_edelweiss
F7 mp_epica

F8 mp_foy2v2
F8 mp_freeman
F8 mp_firefahkre
F8 mp_farm_assault_beta2
F8 mp_foucarville
F8 mp_flakbatterie
F8 mp_factory

F9 mp_harmata
F9 mp_industry
F9 mp_its
F9 mp_island_madness
F9 mp_idiotville
F9 mp_kustov_station_final
F9 mp_kalsingrad_v2
F9 mp_kaen
F9 mp_kalstle_v2
F9 mp_karushville
F9 mp_kalstown_v2
F9 mp_kautenbach
F9 mp_cr_kasserine
F9 mp_killhouse
F9 mp_killzone

F10 mp_kemptown
F10 mp_kredialten
F10 mp_le_vivier_beta
F10 bfe_bowvay
F10 liberi1.1
F10 mp_letourneux
F10 mp_sfrance_final
F10 mp_moh_hunt2
F10 mp_montelimar

F11 mp_matmatan_v2
F11 mp_ctf
F11 mp_moh_neuville_1_2
F11 mp_marais
F11 mp_nuenen_v1
F11 mp_natnarak
F11 mp_nuked
F11 mp_oase
F11 mp_orionzen_v1_1

F12 mp_ode_de_chateau
F12 mtl_pirates_day
F12 mp_pavlov
F12 mp_powcamp
F12 mp_carpen
F12 mp_pf_dust
F12 mp_lockup

F13 mp_mazza
F13 mp_parthenon
F13 mp_panodra
F13 mp_poland
F13 mp_boardwalkv6

F14 mp_palace
F14 mp_remagen2
F14 mp_stalingrad
F14 mp_romed
F14 mp_rschew
F14 mp_gob_rats
F14 remagen
F14 mp_rts
F14 lego
F14 aztec
F14 mp_soo
F14 mp_sweat_blood

F15 mp_stlo
F15 mp_louretbeta
F15 mp_suicide_creek
F15 mp_stalingrad_2
F15 mp_shipwreck2
F15 mp_africa
F15 mp_the_garage
F15 mp_tunis

F16 mp_tank_depot
F16 mp_townville
F16 mp_tefr_thayane_beta
F16 mp_tripoli2
F16 mp_tunisia_dawn
F16 mp_tanktown
F16 mp_treguennec
F16 mp_feud
F16 mp_training
F16 mp_outpost2_lib
F16 mp_the_tomb
F16 mp_gothic
F16 mp_deathgrounds
F16 mp_sandstorm
F16 mp_tutu

F17 mp_u30
F17 mto_uphillstreet
F17 mp_winterv2
F17 mp_v2_northausen
F17 mp_villa
F17 mp_valley_of_the_giants_v2
F17 mp_worldcup
F17 mp_warzone
F17 mp_yuko_mmxxxiii

TFC mp_d_day
TFC mp_dora
TFC mp_graveyard_w
TFC mp_night_streets
TFC mp_oasis
TFC mp_prison
TFC mp_prison_break
TFC mp_subway
TFC mp_temporal
TFC mp_train

4 alcohol
4 mp_accona_desert
4 mp_anzio
4 mp_blockarena
4 mp_cr_bretteville
4 mp_desert_fox
4 mp_ems_kalt
4 mp_ems_pwnd
4 mp_ems_shatter2
4 mp_forest2
4 mp_grandville
4 mp_hangout
4 mp_matmata_night_v2
4 mp_mersin
4 mp_salvage6
4 mp_streets2
4 mp_toybox2
4 mp_two_bridges2
4 mp_wint_touj_v2
4 mp_zaafrane

F18 mp_grange
F18 bp_haguenau
F18 mp_heat_final
F18 mp_navaronne2b
F18 mp_d_omaha
F18 mp_bocage2_v1
F18 mp_rasquert_final
F18 mp_sabes_du_mot_beta
F18 mp_sg_marketgarden
F18 mp_vith
F18 mp_africa_v2
F18 mp_bataan
F18 mp_naout

F19 mp_ammaedara
F19 mp_boneyard
F19 mp_downunder
F19 mp_loed
F19 mp_mancheville_v2
F19 mp_neuville
F19 mp_sadia
F19 mp_verla

F20 mp_nosickar
F20 mp_siegfriedline
F20 mp_pwerk
F20 mp_ovingham

F21 mp_hurtgen
F21 mp_bretot_v1
F21 mp_the_ilu
F21 mp_uboat_base
F21 mp_waterfall_final
F21 mp_ems_standoff_3